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Bathroom repair help

Hi guys, we are in a bit of a bind. We have a bathroom that is part above, part below ground. (window almost sits level with the ground) Anyway, just outside is a faucet for the hose, which I believe to be causing a bad leak.

While cleaning today I realized that the water had done more damage than I first thought. We were hoping to wait until spring, but I believe it needs to be repaired now even though we do not use that faucet. I either need advice on how to remove the drywall, and repair the pipe, and then put everything back together, or I need an idea of a good repair man in the Denver (CO) area.

I'm afraid of what we will find when we do open the wall. It was the sudden appearance of ants that alerted me to how serious the problem is, and there is still little bits of either sand, or rotted wood. I'm worried it is not a repair I can do myself. Advice?

Re: Bathroom repair help

Opening the wall isn't hard to do. Determine the area you want to open and draw straight lines vertically and with a drywall saw cut along those lines.Or you can go at it with a hammer and smash away but at least the other way will be neater. Once you open up the wall you will have an idea what is going on. Then if you need a plumber have them fix the leaking pipe or faucet. You may need to leave the wall open to dry things out and to do cleaning of any mould or fix any rotted wood.
Once you open the wall there are plenty of folks here than can help.

Re: Bathroom repair help

Thanks. I'll keep you updated when we do finally open the wall. We have a tile job going on in our second bathroom that we need to finish first. We may end up removing the toilet to make it easier to do the repairs, so it'll help if we have one fully working bath :)

Thanks for the advice our plan is to open the wall this weekend and see what we find.

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