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Bathroom Reno Nightmare...Tiler wants to quit!

We are doing a gut reno of a small bathroom in our old 1900s house and the drama is really coming to a point now where I really need some advice. 

Our tiler put in Durock, then Redgard waterproofing, then 3x6 subway tile with Acrylpro. Just after he set the last shower tile, I happen to read the Acrylpro bucket fine print where is specifically says Do Not Use over Redgard. Panic. 

We both call Custom Building Products. He gets told it's fine as long as it's not large format tile. We get told that Acrylpro is a mastic and needs evaporation to dry. Putting it over a waterproofing membrane like Redgard basically ensures that it will never dry. Even if we really really wait and air it out for a week and it supposedly dries, it Acrylpro will soften again once in contact with water. 

So if there is a leak down the line or crack in the grout, the tiles will pop off. 

Back to our tiler, who speaks so so English, and he is saying well look, it's totally dry. And we're saying, it doesn't matter, if it ever gets wet again it'll fall apart. 

Now we're looking to tear the whole thing out and start over. I wish we could just pry the tiles off, but it's taking the Redgard and top layer of Durock with it in parts. So it's either leave it all and pray or rip the whole thing out and risk damaging the shower pan. 

Did I mention we are using epoxy grout? Jury is still out on whether that will help or hinder. On one hand, it seals like a rock and keeps water out. On the other hand, it will also keep any moisture that's underneath it IN. 

Our tiler is now saying it's too much for him and if he has to rip it out, he's not putting it back in. He's leaving. I might be able to persuade him to finish the shower, but is that really the right move? If we re-do everything now we have to re-purchase the tile, durock, redgard, and rehire another tiler. If we don't we pray and maybe 5-10 years later we have to re-do the shower. 

SO. If any one has any experience with these materials, or advice PLEASE halp. We're meeting tomorrow to decide what to do. 

thank you, 



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