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bathroom mold

I have always had a moisture problem in my bathroom but I never had mold. I recently installed a exhaust fan and now I have mold, but it seams to be only on the paint. I used a bathroom paint and it was fine for a while but it came back. The wall board is solid and I have checked for leaks from the roof.

Re: bathroom mold


I would check in the attic to make sure your connections to the ducts are tight and not allowing moisture to escape on the back side of the wall, especially where they are covered with insulation. Trapping moisture between the back of the drywall and the insulation is bad. Also check for any gaps around the metal fan box and the hole cut through the drywall. Caulk them shut.

Before re-painting, make sure to kill any mold first. Clorine bleach is time tested for this purpose. Anti-mold paints will not kill existing mold, merely retard new surface mold spores. If you paint over active mold, it will return!

Re: bathroom mold

We experienced this in our former house. I used bleach to kill the mold before painting, then I added a mold inhibitor into the paint before painting. After that, we had no mold problems.

Re: bathroom mold

I just installed an exhaust fan myself and went with rigid ducts, but now I'm thinking I should have just went with flexible hose. I would have been easier to install (was a lot harder than expected in that tight space..going out to soffit) and would have air tight. I can feel the air a little on the elbows I used. I now think I'll need to tape them, but don't think I'll be able to get to the elbow at the soffit...and really don't want to disassemble. Ugh.


Re: bathroom mold

let me respond to my own question :)

My fears were justified. I went into my attic to find damp roof and dripping nails. I just disconnected the fan until I can ensure that the plumbing is leak free. What a pain in the royal butt. I tried to do the job right, yet the elbows are obviously letting humidity into the attic. I think I should have used the flexible hose..which would have made the job a lot easier.

I suppose I learned something. My attic panel is aside until things dry out.

Re: bathroom mold

Is your exhaust fan vented through the attic? Definitely make sure that it is installed properly. Have you noticed condensation on the fan itself?

Be careful when using the bleach and protect yourself with goggles, a mask and gloves. Open a window too. Spray the bleach on and let it sit for 15 min, or so. It should do the trick.
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