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bathroom light/fan 2-way switch


I'm replacing an old 2-way switch with a new Cooper Combination Device. The switch powers a bathroom light/fan, 1 switch controls the light and the other the fan. Link sows original wiring configuration: yankandlimey.com/lightswitch.jpg

My wiring is old, only difference is 2 wires are thick, 2 are thin. When I rewire it kicks off fuses, it also begins to control other lights in the house but a fuse will inevitably be kicked off. At first it worked, but then it controlled the lights of the mirror in the bathroom and in the kitchen!

Do the 2 thick wires go to the black screws and the 2 thin to the brass? This new switch also has a 2 circuit feed with a break-off tab to activate. I assume this needs breaking ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A. Spruce
Re: bathroom light/fan 2-way switch

You will have to trace the wiring from the switch to the fixtures. Odds are you're tapping into the feed wire and not the outgoing control wires.

Re: bathroom light/fan 2-way switch

I have it sorted, finally! The break tab was the factor in causing the fuse breaks, and then determining the right live wires to the black screws. Thanks!

Re: bathroom light/fan 2-way switch

As I only have a couple of posts TOH will not allow the url post, but if you copy and paste this into a browser you will see the images:


Once the break-tab was gone I wired to this config:


B and D being the lives going to black screws.

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