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Bathroom leak with drain pipe


I now have a little leak under my bathroom sink with the drain pipe. I had to install a new connection (pvc) with a metal p-trap. I notice the leak is right where the two meet and there is about a finger nail size gap in the back of the pipe. This is where the water is seeping out.

Take a look at the picture. The red arrow shows where the leak is happening.

Any advice on what I can install to connect the two different materials to prevent any leaks (big or small)?

p.s. I had to use the metal p-trap because the new pvc p-trap was slightly to large and made the connecting pipe to the new sink drain mis-align.


Re: Bathroom leak with drain pipe

Patty it's hard to tell for sure from the picture but it looks like you have the P trap shoved to far into the wall and it is putting side pressure on the PVC pipe. It looks like the PVC is at an angle as it enters the metal trap that''s why there is a gap. Loosen the compression fitting at the wall so you can slide it out until it lines up with the PVC. Loosen the nut at the PVC also so the gasket can seat properly with the straight connection then tighten the compression nuts.

Re: Bathroom leak with drain pipe

Thanks Jack. I took it apart and realign it and it seems to have worked!

Cheers, Patty

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