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my fixer-upper
bathroom flooring issues

My husband and dad removed some rotten wood under our bathroom floor and replaced the floor. When they did, the new floor ended up lower on the wall than the old one--leaving 2 inches of tile exposed "". I thought this problem could be fixed with shoe molding, but, the tile curves out just above the 2 inches of exposed tile--making the exposed tile stick out away from the wall. In other words, if we lay molding, the tiled surface it would go on is not flat. Second, can you attach moding to tile? Also, there are a couple of chips in the tile where they removed the old floor, so if anyone knows of a way to cover over the whole tile "lip" that is exposed, I'd be greatful.
Also, the people we hired to lay the flooring left large gaps under the door jamb where they cut the floor. "". What can I do to fill these in and make the project look finished?

A. Spruce
Re: bathroom flooring issues

Can't really tell from the pictures if the new bathroom floor is tile or vinyl. If it's tile, remove the bottom course of sanitary tile and custom cut a piece of the floor tile to fill the gap and act as the baseboard. You'll want to line up the grout lines on the floor with that of the baseboard for the best aesthetics.

If the floor is vinyl, the YukYuk's suggestion is probably the better route.

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