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bathroom flooring around toliet

we have replaced the flooring around our toliet two times now, and again the flooring is wet and ruined.

When the project first began we put a sub floor down, when we installed the toliet we used a double wax ring, the system failed we replaced the flooring again and the flange and the double wax ring, and guess what the floor is ruined again. Please help. A friend has suggested that we use stainless steel crews? Any help would be appreciated seems like there should be some solution to stop the toliet from leaking.

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Re: bathroom flooring around toliet

why are you using two wax rings? if the flange is too low then mount a new one or use a flange extension, it's ring should be set upon the finished floor so that the edge of the flange is above the surface of the floor (the neck of the toilet sets inside it). if you have a canyon or moat around the flange between it and the surface of the finished floor you will continually have this problem and two wax rings will not cure it.

there are extensions available which type you use depends if you have cast iron (ci) PVC or ABS and the exact set up you have now. the material for the retaining ring and the structural floor would determine if the preference was to use brass or stainless steel fasteners.

what material did you use for the subfloor replacement (hope not particle board!)? btw, have you inspected the china of the toilet itself because even a hairline crack in the interior of the toilet or up just beyond the neck lip could cause leaking and the resulting rotting no matter how perfect the floor and flange are installed.

more information and photos of the area with the toilet removed would be helpful if you want more specific advice.

Re: bathroom flooring around toliet

thank you very much I will have my husband try that. thanks again I will let you know the outcome:)

Re: bathroom flooring around toliet

we used plywood for the subfloor and I will send you photos, and we will check the toliet also .

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