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Bathroom floor is cracked on 2nd floor! Help

I have a 2 story home built in 1914. The floor in the bathroom on the second floor was made out of cement 4 inches thick with small tiles lay in it. Someone remodeled the kitchen below it and removed a wall which I think cause the crack. How would you guys go about fixing the floor? There is a little give in the floor so I don't know what to do!

Re: Bathroom floor is cracked on 2nd floor! Help

Dear Cosmo,

Sounds to me like you understand the root cause of the floor sagging--kitchen renovation. However, you did not mention any spans and their supports. Without knowing the dimensions of the kitchen renovation and the bathroom above it's hard to be sure, but I suspect you may have one of two problems:

1) some structural problems and may need to shore up some of the structural members that support the bathroom and kitchen ceiling.

Worst case:
I would start in the basement/crawlspace and look at the primary load carrying members. You may quickly see sagging all the way through the building. (Shoring and retrofitting the foundation is demanding work without the proper equipment and knowledge of elements such as soil, your building, your local codes, etc.)

Better case:
On the other hand, it may be original mortar bed under your bathroom tile is simply too heavy for your new kitchen ceiling beams to carry the load.

In either case, you need to see if you/builder can access the area between the drywall to find out whether your house is missing important support members, or the stem wall is rotating and your house is experiencing general settling.

One quick way to investigate the cause is to pour a cup of water on the floor and watch the water to see if it moves in a given direction. The result of this little exercise may suggest to you the direction of the problem. (As you know, water will move toward the lower level if one side of the plane is lower.)

I wish you all the best in finding the etiology of the problem. If you find that problem is the kitchen renovation: ask the City for plan and permits, and ask the builder to return to open the new kitchen walls and verify that the correct number of structural support members was installed.

If some are members are missing or undersized, new wood may be added. (New members may be installed by laminating some 2 X s to (glue and bolt lamination) brace the ceiling properly and wall in the kitchen. Of course, the builder may have to pull out all the insulation and replace it, s/he should be mindful of electrical and HVAC running in behind the walls before you open up the ceiling

Re: Bathroom floor is cracked on 2nd floor! Help

Thanks so much for the responce. I think that the cement need to come out because it is too heavy but I don't know how to put a new floor on it because the top of the floor joists are beveled to allow the cememt to join together. What do I do about the bevel so I can put plywood on top of it?


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