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Bathroom Floor

I'm an ABSOLUTELY newbie to house-related anything. But I'm hellbent on learning more. So please use simple words in your responses. :)

I would like to redo the floor in our bathroom. Right now it's this vinyl flooring. Not tiling. Just one big piece of nasty pink-brown vinyl.

1. When removing it, can I just grab a corner and pull?
2. If I were to install vinyl again (a prettier kind), how do I know how much to buy? How do I cut and install it?

Re: Bathroom Floor

To answer your questions:

1. You wish. Actually it depends on how the floor was attached. I'm yet to see a vinyl floor that would come up like this. All the ones I have pulled required the use of some kind of heat or push scra pers.

2. How much to buy? measure your area and add at least a foot on each side for trimming.

Re: Bathroom Floor

First you will have to remove the toilet. Then you should see a quarter round all around the edge of the room and along the base of the vanity. This is a piece of trim about 1/2" by 1/2". You take this up carefully with a pair of putty knives, one thin and flexible and another that is a little stiffer.

With this up you should be able to see the edge of the vinyl. If your lucky, the vinyl will not go under the vanity. If it does, then the vanity will have to come out as well. The vinyl is glued to the floor so it will have to be scrapped up. You cut a new piece to fit and glue it down, then put everything back. Be sure to use a new wax ring under the toilet.

Re: Bathroom Floor

If you haven't done this before and don't have experienced help, you will probably be better off checking to see if your local big-box store has instructional classes for this. The job can be tedious and the new vinyl easily mis-cut or torn if you don't do it properly. Still this is something that most people can DIY well and be proud of; it is just a little too complex for me to explain in one post here. Lacking those classes I will be glad to explain how to do this if you ask me to via PM here. I will say that until you have some experience doing this, stick with a good grade of vinyl- the cheaper stuff is thin and easily torn during an install.


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