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Bathroom Faucet and Shower leak,Toilet Noise

Hi guys,

We just bought an old house (1890) a few months back.

I have noticed that randomly the bathroom sink faucet and bath tub faucet will drip (never at the same time).

Also, I have noticed our toilet or toilet plumbing makes kind of a constant noise every minute or so, kind of like air is in the pipe or some sort of moving water sound.

The toilet functions fine and the toilet water source does not "run" after flushing.

Are these things connected (the toilet noise and the leaky sink faucet/bathtub faucet) ??

Thanks all.


Re: Bathroom Faucet and Shower leak,Toilet Noise

The two are not connected.

1. The faucet may need repairs, could be worn out washers or bad stems, depending on your type of faucets. If they are very old, why not replace them?

2. The toilet tank may have a bad flapper: when water leaks through the flapper, the level of the water in the tank drops a bi,t enough to activate the fill valve, thus causing that sound you hear every so often. See if replacing the flapper jack helps.

Re: Bathroom Faucet and Shower leak,Toilet Noise

Thanks for your response.

Is there any reason the sink faucet and tub faucet drip at random times? Water pressure? Hot water use?



Re: Bathroom Faucet and Shower leak,Toilet Noise

Your water pipes are under pressure all the time. Your faucets act like little dams, allowing water only when you want. If there is a drip, that means that the little dams are not stopping the water completely, caused by various reasons. At this moment, a repair or replacement is needed. It's very common.

Re: Bathroom Faucet and Shower leak,Toilet Noise

My two cents worth . Your faucets may be getting tiny sediment that collects in the valve that
doesn't doesn't allow full closure . This may be due from the line not being used for sometime. This passes along , then the valve closes completely . If you can flush the line by taking out the valve and run the water . this will also allow you to see the condition of the parts for possible replacement . I agree with other post that the toilet flapper may need replacement . You don't necessarily have to hear the water leak ;just when the filler is activated.
Also; flush out the water heater.

Re: Bathroom Faucet and Shower leak,Toilet Noise

Tell us more about the types and condition of the pipes in your home.

When was the last time the pipes and fixtures were flushed ?

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