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bathroom faucet

i got this bathroom faucet where the hot water doesnt want to run. the cold water runs, the knobs underneath the sink are on. i just dont know enough of plumping to figure it out. my aim is to replace the whole thing in the future, but not right now. i just need to get the hot water on. basic info: it's an older faucet with both a hot and cold water handle, it's in a bathroom thats built in an "in-law" and probably shouldnt even be a bathroom. but i doubt the pipes are dirty, it's simply not that old. all other pipes in the house work fine.

i thank you for any info you can share.

Re: bathroom faucet

Test the "hot" angle stop and the "hot" supply line. If both allow water to flow, then you have a partial blockage in the faucet. Clean or replace the faucet.

Re: bathroom faucet

Look for a loose bib washer inside the faucet.

A. Spruce
Re: bathroom faucet
johnofgb wrote:

Look for a loose bib washer inside the faucet.

This was my first thought as well.

Turn off the water at the angle stops under the sink, then disassemble the hot side of the faucet. There will be a washer on the bottom of the valve stem that may have broken and lodged into the inlet or is stuck in the inlet and no longer attached to the stem.

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