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Bathroom fan

I have a 150 yr old 3 story Victorian in the historic district. . It is a 3 brick wall. The bathrooms on 1 and 2 need exhaust fans. I cannot run a vent pipe to the roof or out the exterior walls. Only 1 window and we do not want to take the window out to install a fan. Is there any alternative solution?

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Re: Bathroom fan

unless you want to run the vent pipe out the front door there are no other options....why can't you pipe it out the wall or roof?

Re: Bathroom fan

Which kind of window you have wood or vinyl? You can install an exhaust fan in the mirror. Can you tell me what is the size of your window then I can help you.

Re: Bathroom fan

I'll bet your code requires a roof or wall exit...

Re: Bathroom fan

I remember years ago busting through the lower level brick walls of my parent's Chicago 3 flat. It too had 3 layers of brick sitting on the foundation wall. It wasn't fun, but we managed to get a through the wall A/C unit installed. It was basically done with a rented electric impact drill and a circular saw with a masonry blade on it.

It occurs to me also that there are concrete drillers who make a living making such holes. I am sure it would not be cheap, but they could breach a nice neat 4 inch vent hole to the exterrior.

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