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Bathroom Drywall Repair: Leaky Shower


I just purchased a house. The upstairs bathroom has some drywall damage around the shower stall on the two sides of the shower that are adjacent to drywall. It looks as if the previous owners sealed up the leaks well (I've been there 2 weeks now and haven't seen any leakage), but their "repairs" also look a little messy to me.

Here is a link to a photo: http://crocheter0808.wordpress.com/2013/11/05/bathroom-drywall-nov-2013/

How involved is the repair for this? Would this entail re-drywalling the whole section or could it be filled in with mud and re-painted? It almost looks to me that they already tried re-mudding, but I am an accountant who doesn't know much about any home repairs (I can do basic mudding though). If this is a repair I can do myself, then that is great. If I need to hire a drywall person to fix it, I might just live with it for awhile since there are other things on the list to fix first.

Thank you!

Re: Bathroom Drywall Repair: Leaky Shower

It will depend on how degraded the drywall is under the patch. If it is solid you should be able to scrap off the patch, clean it up and re mud it. If it is not solid you may have to cut out a section and replace it. However the leak will need to be fixed first.


Re: Bathroom Drywall Repair: Leaky Shower

From the pics it seems the drywall is degraded too bad for patching. Take a large dull flat-bladed screwdriver and see if it easily pushes into the area. If it just makes a small dent, you can patch. If it goes in easily and the rock crumbles you should replace that section. Make sure to use moisture-resistant sheetrock on any patches or replacement. This is not a tough repair and makes a good 'starter' into DIY'ing and building your confidence for future DIY projects.


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