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Bathroom drain pipe glued into wall

Has anyone ever been able to remove a drain pipe that is glued into the pvc pipe that goes behind the wall in a bathroom sink. I am getting ready to remove a vanity and need to get this part of the pvc pipe out so I can remove the vanity.

Re: Bathroom drain pipe glued into wall

Yes, you cut the PVC off close to the in wall section then use a pipe hog to drill out the rest of the tube inside the in wall PVC.


Re: Bathroom drain pipe glued into wall

Do you think a Ram Bit would work for this type of job.

Re: Bathroom drain pipe glued into wall

Why not just cut the fitting off and then use a coupling when it's time to install the new cabinet?


Re: Bathroom drain pipe glued into wall

Most of the times you don't need to cut the drain arm to REMOVE a vanity, as most vanities are open in the back. You'll only need to disconnect the drain.

However, some vanities have a back panel, so you can cut the pipe, using a hacksaw or a recipro saw, as john said, and later install a coupling and the correct length of drain arm for the new sink. That's what plumbers do.

If your new vanity comes with a back panel, you'll need to rough cut it to allow the drain to go through.

This way, you don't mess with the drain inside the wall.

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