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Re: Bath tub drain leaking

1) It is a steel tub with all brass fittings

Took your advice and sprinkled talcum powder on drain, overflow and all pipes and I used the same temp water. It is leaking from the drain under the tub.

I am now trying a suggestion that the plumbing supply house suggested which is to use Silicon chalk instead of plumbers putty and to also place it on the rubber gasket below the tub, they stated that sometimes the metal gets pitted and the chalk makes a better seal.

I guess I will hold off on doing the hokey pokey until the leak stops.

Re: Bath tub drain leaking

Well I can do the Hokey Pokey, the silicon chalk stopped the leak.

Thanks everyone

Re: Bath tub drain leaking

i'm glad you got it fixed, but i still can't understand why it only leaked when using the shower.
anybody out there with an explanation?


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