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Bath Fan/Light wiring question

My question is about the wiring in the switch box for the bath fan/light I installed over the weekend to ensure I'm not sending 240 volts to the new fan/light fixture.

I have 12-2 aluminum wiring line coming into the box and one 12-3 aluminum wiring load as well as the new 14-3 copper wire load for the bath fan/light.

The 12-2 hot wire is in a wire nut with a black wire from the 12-3 aluminum load (not exactly sure what this feeds, assuming additional lights down the line or there is an electrical cover in the ceiling above the mirror but I haven't done extensive searching to determine) and 2 pigtail wires, one feeding a 3 device switch and the other to an outlet (GFI protected at the breaker).

The 3 device switch has the red wire from the 12-3 aluminum load wire that feeds a light above the mirror and the new 14-3 copper load wire feeds the new fan and light. This switch is getting power from the pigtail listed above.

All neutrals are in a wire nut as well as one pigtail netrual to the outlet.

All places where aluminum and copper come in contact have a purple ideal wire nut approved for CU/ALR connections.

The light uses 2 lightbulbs but we only put in one last night. My wife heard a pop and the light went off, I removed the glass and the socket was charned and I was able to pull the bulk directly out with no need to unscrew. I'll need to replcase the socket inorder to put a new bulk in. Like an idiot I used that same bulk in the other socket and yielded the same result, when the light was switched on the bulk popped and the same charring happened and another socket is ruined that will need to be replaced.

Does my description above indicate that the device/switch is mis-wired and 240 volts are going to the unit.

FYI...the fan worked fine this morning and ran for 15-20 minutes while we were getting ready this morning.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Bath Fan/Light wiring question

What you describe does not sound like a 240 volt circuit. That an the fact that the fan works suggests a 120 volt circuit. What bulbs are you using? Halogen bulbs, if touched will do what you discribe, they must be handle with out your fingers coming into direct contact with the lamps. That or perhaps you got some low voltage lamps.


Re: Bath Fan/Light wiring question

The fixture requires Candelabra bulbs - we had one the previous homeowner left behind that we used. Must have been an old bulb which is why the bulbs popped. Just stinks that i'll have to replace the sockets now - a quick google search makes it seem pretty straight forward though.

John freeman
Re: Bath Fan/Light wiring question

If you have 240 volts present the pop would have most likely been accompanied by the light bulb filaments burning with a blinding flash of light and, in some cases, throwing the breaker.

A possible culprit is the bulb itself shorting the socket.

Re: Bath Fan/Light wiring question

you should check that the socket does not making a short, then if there is no short measure the socket output, the next step will be the bulb rate.

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