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Basment wall - large cracks

In a small room beneath my front porch there are some large continous cracks. At some points they are 1/2" + . The house was built in 1930; the walls are block and the floor of the porch is poured in place concrete. You can see the porch in the picture, and the room in question is below that (above grade).

The exterior stucco was repaired 2 yrs ago, and there are no cracks translating through at this point.

So, what are my options? I assume there could be tie rods tying it all back together ($$$$$) or I could patch it with some sort of patch ($). Any suggestions?

Re: Basment wall - large cracks

Seems to me that the safe thing to do here is to call a structural engineer or a foundation repair company to evaluate the problem.

There are technologies out there to restore integrity to just about any problem with foundations, from wall anchors to piering systems, but only a professional can recommend any, and only after personally inspecting the place.

I know that sometimes we come to forums, in situations like this, hoping for some comforting advice, like in "please tell me it is not that bad (I am guilty of that myself) However, this is your home's supporting structure. In my opinion you should not be trusting the advice from a forum or from anyone who did not see the problem in person.

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