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basement water alarm

I recently had a basement flood due to a clogged drain, I am looking for an alarm that will detect water on the floor,and will both make a noise and send a message to my smartphone. Can anyone recommend a good product?Thanks

Jack Dykes

Re: basement water alarm

...You left something out:

"an alarm drain that fixes the stoppage itself"

Re: basement water alarm

They are called "screamers" and normally found in the overflow pans of HVAC systems, HWH's, and some clothes washers.

They makes ones that run off the HVAC power, battery, or a small transformer

Re: basement water alarm

Watch the TV show- Kevin just installed a wireless alarm system that offered a water detector that was web-connected too.


Re: basement water alarm

First off Anything that uses batteries is a problem because each door sensor sends a signal so if the door is one used a lot the battery will fail often and then you have the environmental aspect of batteries and recycling them. Been in the alarm business for 30 years and everyone thinks wireless is the solution well I hate to say this but wired systems rarely have issues with anything but maybe a door needs a spacer if a door shifts or a main battery. Yet batteries fail especially when doors are open and closed often. I have service many that one company installed and think it will be okay especially in a business when you have a lot of foot traffic batteries might last a couple of weeks once they have service out too many times they ask why and when you explain it they realize it but being lower cost because no actually wires it costs them more in service calls. I have seen this on TOH over the years. They have someone installing something and the manufacturer tells you not to do it that way and yet TOH never mentions this. Wireless is okay for a summer cottage or an apartment system but nothing more than that. You can get a system installed to call your phone but you have to realize most companies make their money off monitoring while some will install a system which is what you are looking for it ups the cost because they don't get anything after the install but maybe a service call when the main back up battery fails 5 to 7 years down the road. The Host of ASK TOH needs to do more research to learn more about it than taking someone selling you parts and not looking at a system to be a long term needed and used system. Wireless is only needed when there is no other way to get a wire to a device and that is not often useless you have a company that wants to get in and out in maybe a few hours. Wireless would be okay in an apartment where you might only be there a few years and you can take the equipment with you but other than that. Batteries in transmitters will cost you over time and as technology changes so does these devices get discontinued and that makes it tough to have a working system... So I would not take what you see on this TOH as the way to go, wireless has issues and batteries is a big one...


Re: basement water alarm

Have you taken a look at PumpAlarm.com? It has a 100dB alarm and sends a text message to three mobile devices. Also, it will send out power outage notifications. Don't worry about the batteries, the system will text you when those start to run low as well, which shouldn't be that often unless you have a lot of power outages as it uses AC power when available.

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