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Basement Piers / Supports

My wife and I have purchased a 102 year old Craftsman home (3,500 sqft) and our basement has some challenges. Some we are working on just fine (heat & A/C duct not screwed together & hung wing wire), plumbing etc. But others such as two areas with existing supports - steal screw piers/jacks (finished basment); and unfinished basement for minor joist are supported with a 2x4 sitting on rock(s).
The steel screw jack / piers are sitting right on the floor rusting away. I want to replace, so a system like Ellis 4x4 screw jack sitting on a pier (concrete) pad or just some kind of concrete column? The unfinished basement, the same kind of quetion. So what are good solutions? What are you doing? Next, keeping wather out of a 102 year old basement?


Re: Basement Piers / Supports

It seems as though you have some structure support issues ..... and no they shouldn't be just sitting on the floor. Besides it looks as though there is issues with the floor as well.... whether it's soil , water heaving or just poor concrete it's difficult to tell.

The steel adjustable columns are an acceptable system .... but ... it also depends on your local building codes as to what is allowable.
Whatever type of support columns use will require a concrete footing under each one.

I strongly recommend you contact a structural or civil engineer to appraise the situation. They will be able to advise you as to the appropriate type of supports , where , how many. They can also provide you with a certified drawing including the dimensions of the concrete footings for the supports.

As for the water issues you should consider a foundation contractor to evaluate the situation. It's unclear as to what the foundation is comprised of so it's difficult to suggest a course to follow.
You may end up digging the exterior around the entire perimeter and applying a waterproofing system to the foundation and installing a perimeter drain sytem along with a sump pit with pump.

Hopefully this helps.:)

Re: Basement Piers / Supports

sorry for off topic but I have to know the answer.

Why it is call Craftsman home / house?:confused:

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