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basement mystery

In my 1914 home's basement, not far from where the spider coal-burning furnace was is a cemented-over "hole" in the floor about 18" across. There is no obvious way to remove the cement from the hole. The cement around the "hole" rises slightly toward the "hole". What is this? One guess was an indoor well.

R. Mitchell

Re: basement mystery

most houses that I have seen indoor wells, came up at the kitchen sink kind of like a modern faucet except ususaly at the side of the sink. my guess would be that it is related somehow to your coal burning unit

Re: basement mystery

I have seen hand dug wells in basements that have been cemented over/filled but they were bigger than 18" across. More like 2' across minimum.

Sump pit doesn't make sense since the cement slopes upward around the hole, thats the opposite of what you would want. I can't think of a coal furnace use for the hole, either.

Blue RidgeParkway
Re: basement mystery

probably is where the foundation for the old coal heaters chimney was and it was probably there before the cement floor was sloped in. mabe was the base for the coal chute for easy loading. somebody did you a big favor removing it for you already it was a dirty messy job taking out both i can tell you from my own hard work just finished with patching the floor last week.

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