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basement insulation

I recently installed R-13 on my unheated basement ceiling to warm the upstairs floor a little and give us a little soundproofing from the basement equipment. I installed the paper vapor barrier downward facing the cold basement. Unfortunately, some of this work was started by the previous owner and I just followed along. I now know I should have put the barrier up towards the heated living room. Can I put cuts in the paper to allow venting or should I switch them around (Lot of work)? Thanks,

Re: basement insulation

Unless the basement reaches extremely cold temps ( below freezing ) and is very drafty ..... vapor barrier is not really a consideration between the basement and the main level.... since warmer air rises.

In my thinking there shouldn't be any paper at all since it's likely the insulation isn't tightly sealed in the first place .... and in the off chance there were to be any moisture accumulated in the insulation it will become trapped there .... which could potentially cause problems.

You would be better off with unfaced insulation and allow it to breath.

Hope this helps. :)

Re: basement insulation


Since I already have the faced stuff facing the basement could I put slits in the paper and rip some of it off. Or should I switch batts around.

Re: basement insulation

I am jut considering doing the same thing, so this was helpful.

Do you think it helped save fuel costs? Did you notice that the house stays warmer?

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