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Basement Heating Choices-Having trouble deciding

Hello All,

My basement is completely finished, and has no heat running through it. We have forced air upstairs, but nothing below and I am considering purchasing a system to help warm the basement. Any help in determining what to purchase, would be appreciated.

The details: The basement is insulated on 3 sides by the ground. On the coldest day of the year, it reaches about 55 degrees in the basement. The largest room (1000 sq ft), is what I am looking to warm up...it just needs a little help.

We usually use a small space heater to warm up the area should we be in the basement at anytime. The house was built in 1963, and the previous owners regularly used the basement (without heat). At one time, they had a gas-insert in a fireplace, but it vents to the attic, and I have never used it.

Under consideration:
-Vent Free gas stove:.... this seems the least expensive, although I have safety concerns with this.

-add a vent from the forced air system: My concern is a loss of production for our first floor since we only use the basement once or twice a week.

-Fix existing gas fireplace: I have looked into this, but cost is an issue...they would need to rebuild the vent through the attic to the outside.

Any other ideas or comments on above?
Thanks in advance

Re: Basement Heating Choices-Having trouble deciding

i'd go with a thermostat controlled vent off the existing system. just turn on the heat when you need it and the room can have it's own thermostat. probably the cheapest way out.

Re: Basement Heating Choices-Having trouble deciding

If the furnace and ducting are located in the basement I would agree it would be cheaper and easier just to run ducts in the basement.

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