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Basement Drain - Do I need to call a plumber?

I have a 120 year old house with a stone wall basement, of which only four feet is below ground. I have a sump pump and one floor drain. The floor drain does drain, at least it doesn't over-flow, but it always has water about 10 inches below the rim. I'm wondering if this is something that will require a specialized pump to move the water out to the lateral sewer connection. Anyway, should I call a plumber for something like this, or one of those basement specialty companies, maybe even just a general contractor/handyman?


Re: Basement Drain - Do I need to call a plumber?

Depending .... a floor drain should have a " P " trap similar to those under your sinks.
These traps are designed to have a certain amount of water in them at all times .... this is the trap mechanisim to prevent the sewer gas leakage.

If you are saying that 10 inches down you see some water sitting this may be the trap.
However ... if you suspect or having a problem with draining then a plumber would be to able to clean out any blockage.

Hope this helps.:)

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