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Basement Drain Backup is a Puzzle

When I wash clothes and use the dishwasher we get water backing up from the basement drain??? No one knows how to fix this because it doesn't happen all the time. In the furnace room, in the basement there is a drain for the HW heater overflow in the floor. The drain is a line off the main drain buried in the cement floor. House built 1991 with/pvc pipe. When we wash clothes and use the diswasher at the same time it backs up at the floor drain. It doesn't do it all the time. It started at least a year ago. We had roto rooter clean out the drains. We had the septic system cleaned out. We have called plumbers and no one knows why because they have to see it happening. The water is always clean or with soap suds when it comes out the drain. It happens every 4 months or so. We even got a new water heater thinking it was that. We do not know why this is happening and how to fix it. This is a rambler with a finished basement. There is a kitchen in the basement with a dishwasher too. Yes, sometimes everything is running at the same time. But we don't get the backup all the time...Thats is why this is so puzzling. All the appliances are new. When it backs up, its a mess...we would like to fix this...but how...Steve:(

Re: Basement Drain Backup is a Puzzle

PS This was my first time asking for help. Just wanted to say, thanks guys for any help you can give me with this problem. I am just about desperate to fix this. So any help, ideas, advice that anyone can give will be so greatly appreciated. Steve

Re: Basement Drain Backup is a Puzzle

If it is just a small amount of water you can correct it by adding a stand pipe in the drain. A lot of times you only need the stand pipe to extend up a few inches. Another solution would be to have a back-flow check valve installed in the floor drain. But you need to be warned that periodic cleaning of the check valve may be required.

Re: Basement Drain Backup is a Puzzle

Thank you JL McDaniel. I appreciate your advice and I will try it. Its a laundry load of water. Maybe both appliances running at the same time, drained at the same time and it was just too much for the system...and it came up from the drain. Like I said, happens every four months...and I noticed something else last night...the toilet upstairs was running...so it was all three dumping into that line.

Thank you so much for the advice. Beleive it or not...we have had plumbers here and no one suggested that...

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