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basement drain

my basement drain is old and wont seal i think its the trap drain.the top is rusted and so is the cover its a odd size cover as the new pvc covers wont fit..is there a way to fix this without digging out the old drain..need help ..thank u

Re: basement drain

It sounds to me you want to do some "ghetto fabolous" work on the drain. The cover is for the top at the floor level. And the trap seal is at the bottom and the only way to fix it is to dig it up. However, for just the drain cover, if you want make one and caulk/glue it to the toplip. Good luck. Process of elimination.

Re: basement drain

OHHH Crap " ghetto fabolous " *LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL* FAll out of my chair LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.

Anyway yep misfitter is right bust it up and dig it out and pour it back. unh hunh Really shouldnt take that long you can doit.

less than a hundred by your self 4 hours plus clean up and return xtra parts:cool:. make sure you complain about how your not making any money so people will think yur a real plumber.:eek: did i type that *delete* *delete* *delete*

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