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Basement ceiling: insulate or not?

My husband and I are discussing this in a spirited manner. We're planning on finishing a daylight basement with a drywall ceiling. I say we should put in fiberglass batts to quiet some of the sound transfer to/from the first floor. I know it won't make it soundproof; just quieter, in my opinion. He says it wouldn't do any good. Who's right?

Re: Basement ceiling: insulate or not?


It will definitely help. The question is whether it is worth the cost and effort. There are special batts used for reducing sound. There are also insulation strips that can be placed over the joists before the drywall is hung to help stop vibrations from being passed through the joists and drywall. Here is a website with a little info: www.mysoundcheck.com . My first house had a deep basement and I insulated the ceiling for noise purposes.

Re: Basement ceiling: insulate or not?

OOPS! that is www.mysoundchek.com Sorry!

Re: Basement ceiling: insulate or not?

ordjen is 100% correct. i insulated my basement ceiling and it made a HUGE difference in noise. just do your homework and get the right kind of insulation for sound, there's several types out there.

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