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Basement Bathroom and Backflow Regulators


I recently bought a house that was built in the 40's. The previous owner finished the basement but never pulled the permits or completed anything to code.

We're having a hard time with the bathroom in the basement. The shower, toilet and sink overflow with raw sewage (it's disgusting) or the set up acts really strange (gurgles, clogs, won't drain, bubbles) whenever we get a rain.

The town did not install backflow regulators, even though the house sits below street level. Does anyone know whether these are required to be installed at the house-level, or if one was installed when the house was built in the 40's is it likely to fail over time?

Re: Basement Bathroom and Backflow Regulators

It sounds like the city sewer and rain/street run off lines are the same. This was very common proceedure for many years. I think you are on the right track that you need to install a backflow preventer in the sewer line outside your house. I remember seeing a remodeling show where they installed a double checkvalve to insure sewer would not backup when there was rain.

The floor drain in your basement probably needs a ball check valve to prevent it from overflowing when to much water is being released at the same time in the house. Local plumbers can help in giving final answers.

Re: Basement Bathroom and Backflow Regulators

This is quite worst condition.May be bathrooms sewer line does not have check valve or it is connected with rain water pipeline.
You should take help of some good plumber and ask him to install check ball valves in the sewer lines.

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