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My house has beautiful wooden baseboards, and due to renovations done by previous owner, needed to be painted in some rooms. Paint is thick and gobby. To update them, should I strip the existing paint off and then prime/paint...or should I just sand it to make the surface even and then prime/paint...or just clean them up and then prime/paint?

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It just depends how much work you want to put into it, sounds like removing the old paint and starting over would look the best.

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Thanks! That's what I thought. Now, my second question is: to strip the paint, do I just get a scraper and scrape away? OR, do I use paint thinner? We're new to all of this and don't want to ruin the baseboards.

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From how you describe the looks of your baseboards, I suspect the orignal owner used latex paint. If so, they will not sand easily and you will never get rid of the heavy brush texture. If standard profile baseboards were used and you are fairly handy, you might consider replacing the baseboards, rather then stripping. Stripping them in place would be extremely time consuming and would risk damaging the floors.

If you elect to replace , I would prime and paint the first finish coat before mounting them. The final coat can be applied after filling the nail holes and caulking.

I am personally still biased toward oil paint on fine woodwork, although acrylics are much better than they used to be. Oil paint still levels itself better than acrylics and forms a harder, less gummy film.

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