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baseboard heat run challenge

I would like to create a doorway through a wall that has a baseboard hotwater heat line running along the entire length of the wall. What would be the easiest way to install a 4-foot doorway and still maintain the heat run?

Re: baseboard heat run challenge


Could you provide more info as to the sq.footage of the room & if the proposed doorway is in an exterior or interior wall.

Do you have access to the underfloor piping (cellar/crawlspace) so you can work on the piping??

Do you intend to do this yourself, or hire someone, do you need to use the boiler to make domestic hot water, or can you shut down the boiler for a while???

The above proposal would probably work, but you would lose ~3300 btu/hr by chopping 4-6' off the length of the baseboard to make way for the doorway--this would make the room seem colder on winter days.

Baseboard should extend around the exterior walls of the room & match the btu/hr heatloss of the room.

Figure 40 btu/hr for each sq.ft. of room (assuming 8' ceiling) to calculate the amount of heat the room needs on a cold day.

Thus a room 15 X 20 = 300 sq.ft X 40 = 12,000 btu/hr needed to heat the room.

Baseboard puts out ~550 btu/hr per ft; thus, 12,000 btu/hr divided by 550 = 22 ft. of baseboard needed for a 15 X 20' room.

There is high output baseboard avaialble that puts out ~ 800 btu/ft.

Please post back---if you want to try it yourself, we'll try & talk you thru it.

Re: baseboard heat run challenge

Jacktheshack is our resident expert, I would suggest you pay heed to his council.

Re: baseboard heat run challenge

Jacktheshack is our resident expert, I would suggest you pay heed to his council.

Yep .... JacktheShack rocks. :)

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