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Base Platform for Toilet

My old house in Rochester NY was designed by my father and built by a custom builder in 1950. The bathroom had linoleum on the floor. But the toilet did not rest directly on the tile. Instead it sat on a rectangular slab of some dull black material. The slab was a few inches bigger than the base of the toilet, and had a gutter groove around the perimeter to catch any condensation or minor leaks. The floor tiles came up to the edge of the slab. I don't know what the material was, but it looked like the stuff they use on the top of chemistry lab benches.

Does anyone know what this thing is called, whether they still make them, and where I can get one? Thanks!

Re: Base Platform for Toilet

I do not know what chemistry lab tops are made of. I graduated from fourth grade and we did not do much chemistry other than mixing salt-peter with sugar and lighting a match to it. (The ensuing white clouds were huge and had us laughing our little heads off.) These experiments were not done under the supervision of a teacher but rather on our own.

I would think the only way to replicate it would maybe be to have a counter company laminate some composite top material and cut it to size.

Re: Base Platform for Toilet

My cousin is having a house built, and we stopped in yesterday to meet with the contractor. I described my problem to him, and he knew right away what I was talking about. He said it was called a toilet pedestal. It turns out that he also knows the family that built the house way back when. The old man (who must be around 90 now) is still active, and his son followed him into the custom home building business. Now I just need a find a local or mail-order supplier...

Re: Base Platform for Toilet

I found an alternate name for this thing, a "closet slab". Still no luck finding one locally. I did find one source, 400 miles away. They were willing to ship it to me, but could not guarantee that it would not break in shipment.

BTW, the builder this guy knew is the son of the man who built my family's old house. So that makes three generations of custom home builders in that family!

raise toilet

I have a large toilet but it is still to low for me. How can I raise the platform 8 to 10 inches in hight that I need?
The Big Guy.

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