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Basalt Rock House

My house was built in 1905 out of Basalt rock. There is missing 'stuff'' inbetween the rocks. What do I use to fill in those spaces?

Re: Basalt Rock House

That "stuff" is most likely mortar.

Re: Basalt Rock House

I would suggest you check with local masons, because you don't normally just fill those spaces. Pointing must be properly done to be effective and with the right mortar.


Re: Basalt Rock House

I'd also contact the area masons. If that stone is native to your area, they'd know best. I usually ask the guys with the roughest hands and the grayest hair. They might know the person who did your house the first time.

Re: Basalt Rock House

Most of the guys who would of built my house would now be builders in heaven! LOL Anyway, thanks for the advice.

Re: Basalt Rock House

There are different types of mortar; two of the most common are based on some kind of lime or Portland cement. It is not a good idea to mix the two. Based upon the age of the house and the location (Idaho), I would guess it's Portland cement, but only an experienced mason would be able to tell you after looking at it.

I'm guessing that the house is near a road? Road salt will eat away at mortar over time. But then again, at over 100 years old, the mortar probably isn't holding up anyway.

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