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Bob Y
Barnboard Shiplap Siding
Bob Y

I am installing 12" shiplap barnboard over some kerf cut RBB siding (similar to T1-11). I will be hanging it vertically. I think I am going to use a senco screw gun to secure it.

1) Is screwing the right way to go?
2) What size collated screw should I use?
3). How far apart should I locate the screws or nails?

Any advice is appreciated.

Re: Barnboard Shiplap Siding

Shiplap works better horizontally installed, then fastened through the siding board into the wall studs, but if you install it vertically you are relying on the strength of that siding board to keep it in place. Wood tends to move quite a bit outside, and that being said, fasteners can work out in time if they are not inbetted in something solid. You might be able to hit the top and bottom plate with some 3" screws and just add screws in the field every 16-24". You want to use screws that are treated for outside use, and I'm not sure if those senco guns offer them in a coil. Then you have painting to deal with, and a gazillion screw holes to try to deal with. Then another issue is moisture getting behind the shiplap and whether or not to caulk every vertical seam. The use of batten boards is one possible solution, but if it were me I would go with the horizontal approach. Either way I hope it works out well and have fun doing it!

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