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Banging Pipes

We have just had a bathroom remodeled. New sink and shower was installed in a previous half bath. At the same time the shut off valve just passed the water meter was replaced because it was leaking. The water heater was also drained to remove the sediment. After it was all completed the pipes started banging if you shut of the hot or cold water in the new sink, shower,or when the toilet finished filling or at the sink directly below the new bathroom. If the water was shut off at the shower either hot or cold the noise would go away. If the toilet is filling and you use the sink the noise is not there. The contractor has opened up the new wall to see if the pipes were secure (they were). A new valve was replaced in the new shower. The plumber says its the pipes the contractor put in the contractor says the pipes are secure. If I don't get this fixed soon I'll:confused: be sleeping in the new bathroom. Please help!

Re: Banging Pipes

You have water hammer and you need to purchase some water hammer arresters(about $15 to $20) at any Home supply store or plumbing store. They are fairly easy to install yourself or a plumber can do it in one hour or less.

Re: Banging Pipes

Thanks! Where and how do you install it?

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