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Banging base board hot water pipes.

Banging pipes making me crazy! We had a renovation done several years ago and ever since the base board hot water pipes have been banging. I have confirmed with our gas company and HVAC contractors that It is not AIR in the system . We even had it drained. The boiler is about 8 years old and has several air release mechanisms to prevent air getting trapped in the system. So I assume that the pipes were not properly secured when the renovation was complete. How do I pinpoint where to begin looking for the source without tearing open a bunch of walls / ceilings?

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Re: Banging base board hot water pipes.
Re: Banging base board hot water pipes.

Great video MLB---I think you've nailed it!

Re: Banging base board hot water pipes.


This is a great start. My concern is that the expansion is happening in wall or ceiling. However I will try the clips where I can get to the pipes in the basement and verticals in each room. More to follow....thanks!

Re: Banging base board hot water pipes.


Follow MLB's suggestion & use the plastic "mickeys" for any pipe holders that are accessible.

To locate the offending pipe supports, or thru-the-floor areas where the piping is rubbing against the floorboards that are making noise, use a 3' plastic hose (a washing machine hose is ideal) with one end held up against your ear--once you turn the heat up (like Rich Trethewey did in the video), walk around to each pipe riser & hold-down brace using the other end of the hose to locate the offending locations, then use the hi-heat caulking gun as described below.

For tight-fitting risers where you can't squeeze in a "mickey" that come up from cellar area to the rooms thru the wood floors, try a caulking gun with hi-heat caulking compound, colored bright red (HD/Loewe's/Wood Stove supplies) with a caulking gun to squirt a small amount into the tight-fitting cavities between wood floors & the heating pipes (risers).

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