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Bamboo Take Over

We bought a home with small yard, and bamboo which borders the property lines. I love the bamboo as it add privacy between homes, but I am noticing that it is starting to grow where it was not intended to. We have shoots coming up from all over the place.

I don't want to destroy the entire bamboo forest, as I like the privacy that it does add, but I want to get rid of the stragglers.

Is it just a simple matter of cutting down the stray shoots, or if I start cutting, will it make it grow more faster? Any suggestions on how to handle those few shoots here and there? I can see that it could become a major issue if I don't deal with it now.


Re: Bamboo Take Over

From another post, I believe someone said to build a wall beneath the ground because bamboo spreads through rhizomes. Another internet post said you could plant the bamboo in pots and bury them in the ground so they are contained, if you want to move them its a little more convenient and you don't have to worry about over growth.

Hope this helps,

A. Spruce
Re: Bamboo Take Over

Yes, you have to contain the root system on bamboo or it will take over. Cutting the shoots off won't get rid of the root and it will continue to spread to places unwanted.

If it were me, I'd tear out the bamboo and plant Oleander or another fast growing, noninvasive bush that will grow up and provide the privacy screening you're looking for. Our back fence line has oleander that is 10' tall and provides great screen from the neighbor. I prune it twice a year - spring/fall, each time removing either the front or back half of the plant, thus still providing plenty of screen and still keeping the plants in check.

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