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bahroom shower tile problems

I have a shower in my master bath that has had a "patch repair" done on the tile in the pan. Very poorly caulked and looking like it wants to leak. A contractor told me of a product that can be applied directly on the existing tile to seal it before a new layer of tile is applied over it. The only other thing to do is put on a drain extension. Does anyone out there know what this product is called and where I can find it?


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Re: bahroom shower tile problems

before you apply some temporary fix over the existing tile to tile on top of it, i have a few words of advice.

why was the repair needed? because something under the tile gave out and the tile came loose. that means that there's something wrong with the base under the tile. also, we now know that water has got below the tile.

potential future issues.....mold, more tiles coming loose (even under a newly overlayed tile), water in the pan....eventual problems with one solution....fix it right

Re: bahroom shower tile problems

If you're having a leaking problem keeping in mind that tile is not waterproof. It's the pan under the tile that prevents the leak.

Re: bahroom shower tile problems

Good answers. To do the job right, remove everything to the framing and re-do it.

Re: bahroom shower tile problems

I have Vinyl tile in our bathroom; it is one of the easiest flooring options to install in bathroom, may it will work for your master bathroom too.

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