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Bad Location for a Kitchen Sink

My husband and I are interested in purchasing a new house. We found one that is perfect except for one thing - the kitchen sink is not beneath a window. The sink is on an interior wall beneath cupboards. I'd like to move it to a nearby window. The house is cement block and adobe. There's a propane cooking stove located between the sink's current location and the window. Would I be able to extend the existing plumbing to the window location or would the stove get in the way?

There's a washer/dryer near the window on a wall perpendicular to the window. Another option may be to tap into the washer/dryer plumbing. I would also like to move the propane stove to the current location of the sink - a move of about 3 or 4 feet. Could I simply extend the gas pipeline or is it more complicated than that? And how much would a project of this magnitude cost?

I hate to give up on the house for something so minor, but I'm afraid staring at a wall while I wash the dishes is going to drive me crazy. Any other suggestions?

Re: Bad Location for a Kitchen Sink

Start by talking to a few creative plumbers. Emphasis on the creative part. It may take a few phone calls to get the right kind of person out there who can combine proper plumbing knowledge without spending all of your money accomplishing your first idea. There are usually a few ways to accomplish the same outcome, or a small change can save huge dollars. It all depends on how your house was built, which I can't see from my house, even if I stand on my chair.

Re: Bad Location for a Kitchen Sink

I agree that it is do-able, but it take an "eyes on" presence to estimate the cost. You should get several quotes for this. It might be a lot cheaper to install a dishwasher next to the present sink, then you won't be there long enough for it to affect your sanity.

Re: Bad Location for a Kitchen Sink

If this is the only flaw in the house, buy the house.

If you don't like the estimates contractors and plumbers will give you, paint a window on the wall in front of you and pretend you're looking outside, while doing your dishes.

Re: Bad Location for a Kitchen Sink

Or do like my Dad did, and put a mirror behind the sink.

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