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bad cabinets


I had new kitchen cabinets installed 5 years ago. They are painted and then glazed. The company i purchased them from is Plato. The paint around the knobs has come off on 6 doors and the raw wood is visible. I am very careful about maintaining them.
The inspector for the company told me it was wear and tear and that i had to pay to ship them back to the manufaturer.
I see that in all the magaiznes the cabinets are painted yet no one ever says anythng about peeling paint. Is this expected of painted cabinets? I have heard from some kitchen designers that most people today with kitchnes of this nature don't even cook.
I cannot believe this...

what do i do and should this be the last time i buy painted cabinets? is this an $18,000 mistake?

Re: bad cabinets

Wow, only 5 years old. I would have fiqured there might be some protective coating like polyurethane rather than relying on just paint as a wear layer.

Re: bad cabinets

if it was done properly it would be about 7 coats of finish including the clear top coat. but not being able to see the damage or know of any conditions in the house. would make it rather foolish to make an absolute statment regarding wear

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