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Re: Backyard Bridge

I have a bridge that spans a creek in my backyard . Normaly there is just a trickle of water flowing . During periods of hard rain , the water can rise well over the bridge with a VERY strong current . The bridge supports are sunk deep in the ground
to prevent it being washed away . Something to consider .

Re: Backyard Bridge


what type of bridge did you build? are the bridge supports concreted into the ground? any chance you could snap and attach a pic?

I was thinking about maybe making a bridge like you would see over a river, two supports on either side, cable high and low, treads supported on the bottom cable (even though i am not sure how to actually afix the treads to the bottom support) -

any ideas on where to look?

Re: Backyard Bridge


found this website with links to several sets of plans for different bridges - http://www.backyardspaces.com/bridge.html

will figure it out.

Re: Backyard Bridge

Check out the Lava Canyon Suspension Bridge. Might give you some ideas.


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