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back spray from hose bibb

When I turn off my hose bibb (hose attached), the hose to bibb connection leaks with a good amount of pressure to spray water all over for about 2 seconds. Is there some sort of residual pressure that builds up in my plumbing after shutoff that forces this back spray? Is this damaging to the other plumbing fixtures in my house? This happens at all four hose bibbs in my house. Thanks for the advice.

A. Spruce
Re: back spray from hose bibb

What you have there is called a "backflow preventer" and is designed to relieve the pressure in the hose as well as no allow any hose water to return to the house plumbing. The theory is that if you lose water pressure while the open end of the hose is submerged in a puddle, it could draw contaminated water back into the house supply. IMHO, this is an extremely rare or unlikely event, however prevention really doesn't hurt anything. The problem is that annoying spray that hoses you or the side of the house every time the hose is shut off. The device could have been designed a little better so as to divert water straight down instead of everywhere else.

Re: back spray from hose bibb

As you close the valve, open the nozzle at the same time to direct the water where you want it to relieve the pressure.

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