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Back Door Drain

I have a drain in the back door well on my house that has been plugged since we bought the house. I have had a plumber out and they basically want to jack hammer my floor up to replace the pipe. This drain appears to go under the floor into the main house drain system. Is this a normal configuration for this drain. I have been told that this drain should just drop down into the drain tile around the foundation not go into the "city" sewer system. The house is a basic bi-level.


Re: Back Door Drain

At one time it was legal to divert rain water to the sewer line. That was probably the case. Now days it is not allowed. As far as were to connect it now I would say ask the plumber you are working with.

Re: Back Door Drain

It sounds as though this door is at the same level as the basement floor?
In these cases there may be a requirement to have a drain installed outside the door.

Usually this drain will be tied into the perimeter drain system ( weepers) for the house foundation . It was common in older homes for the weepers to empty into the basement floor drain sump and then discharge through your main waste out to the city sewer piping.

Because the drain being located outside they tend to get plugged with all sorts of debris .... leaves , dirt, etc..
It's not clear as to why the plumbers can't auger out the drain or there may be a collapse of the pipe .... that may be why they may have to break up the area.

Just a thought. :)

Re: Back Door Drain


The house has decorative river rock near the back stairs. I am guessing the one or more of these have made their way into the drain. The plumber tried to snake the drain but was only able to get in about a foot. I could have the drain scoped but I was thinking of just breaking the drain out, replacing it and have it drop down into the drain tile just below it. I really don't want to bust up my floor. It is just a pain when it rains. The kids and dogs make a mess everytime they go in and out the door.

I thought that the codes have changed about where rain water can go. I was a little surprised to hear the plumber say they would put it back the way it was. I figured he would tell me they would just put the drain output into the drain tile.

Thanks again for your input.

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