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Baby proof - half wall

My friend's home has a balcony (half wall) that overlooks her family room. She had 3 young boys. She is afraid that one of her sons will climb the wall and end up falling into the family room. Any sugestions for something that will both look good and give her piece of mind that her kids will be safe.

Re: Baby proof - half wall

The half-wall is no more dangerous than a railing/balustrade assembly would be. (Possibly less dangerous, since it would be harder to climb.)

Put up a child gate so that the kids can't go upstairs.

Razor wire is another possibility that comes to mind, though it's not really that attractive.:D

A. Spruce
Re: Baby proof - half wall

I would agree with Dave, a half wall is as safe, if not safer, than a railing system. If her kids are that boisterous that they'd climb the darned thing, then she needs to think about teaching her kids to behave, hiring a nanny, or straight jackets for the little critters. Oh, and she should keep them away from the internet where they might see videos of stupid stunts that would give them ideas.

Ok, on the serious side, as Mattie suggests, a glass wall - similar to what you'd find on an escalator - would be both aesthetic and functional. I've installed plexiglass panels on wrought iron banisters to keep kids from poking their heads through, your friend could do a similar thing. Wrought iron work would also be decorative and functional. A dressing screen could be fastened to the wall to keep the kids away from the half wall altogether.

Re: Baby proof - half wall

This is an old post but I'm glad it's here. I have a autistic 4 year old boy who can't see through a railing and so he climbs on the half wall to see OVER it. It's becoming a nightmare for us. I am near him at all times and there he is, scaling the thing in no time at all.

The half walls are more of an attraction because little kids have to look over the side to see what's going on. Special needs or not, kids will be kids and it just takes one time for them to make a split second decision and really hurt themselves. I don't know how to make anything and really liked the idea of mounting privacy screens to keep them away. This works for me.

Re: Baby proof - half wall

Probably the most important thing you can do to minimize problems is to keep objects away from the wall that your kids could climb on---chairs, trunks, planters, whatever. These would encourage them to climb. My son at that age probably wouldn't have dragged a chair over from another room to climb over that wall, but if a chair happend to be there already.....!

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