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Awkward shaped closet

So, the closets in our house are a "new" addition in that, they obviously weren't there in 1923 when the house was first built. The one in the office area is a real pain and I have no idea how to install or measure shelves to go into it.

Its 30 inches wide in the front and then diagonals back to just 14 inches in the rear, because of an extra piece of wood. Otherwise, it would be a whopping 16 inches wide. They obviously made it out of desperation for a closet, the back of it touches the diagonaled wall of the next room.

Any suggestions on plans ****** that we can download? Or should we just make a pattern out of cardboard and use that as a template? Its really frustrating to not be able to use it for really anything at all.

Re: Awkward shaped closet

So starts tapering back right at the door opening? How deep is it? I was thinking maybe you could use something like those pull-out pantry units they make for kitchens:


Re: Awkward shaped closet

Are you trying to build it yourself? If yes, cutting a cardboard template is one way of doing it.

You need to have woodworking experience to come up with something functional that looks good too.

Send pictures please.

A. Spruce
Re: Awkward shaped closet

A cardboard template would be the way to go, but dont try to cut the template exactly, just find your corners and any obstacles that may be there. From there, you lay your template down and use a square from the wide side to locate the narrow side corner points. Then you measure from the point to this line to know what angle to cut your ends at. Make sense? This way, you're not trying to figure out complicated angles, you are simple measuring and scribing a line from point A to point B and cutting this line.

Make sure that you secure the brackets to framing and attach the shelves to the brackets, as shelves of this geometry tend to tip forward.

Re: Awkward shaped closet

Sorry for not replying sooner! I didn't get any notifications that someone replied

From its deepest spot to the molding, its 16 1/2 inches and 19 1/2 inches to the outside edge.

I'm thinking I might just square out the left front corner with some plywood so that it has a straight edge to work with.

For some odd reason, I can't attach any photos either.

A. Spruce
Re: Awkward shaped closet

Due to spam issues, you cannot upload images directly, you have to host them offsite with Photobucket or similar host, then link the images here.

Re: Awkward shaped closet

I agree with what the others are saying here. Using a cardboard template would be the best solution. By the way, how is it now?

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