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Automatic water shutoff

I'm looking for the device that Richard and Kevin demonstrated in the loft that automatically cut off the water when a burst pipe was detected. They demonstrated it, IIRC, by hooking a hose to a sink, running the faucet, then cutting the hose.

I am not talking about the washing machine cutoff that only provides pressure then the washing machine is turned on, nor am I talking about any of the various electrical devices that have a water sensor to detect a leak.

The one I'm remembering was activated when the water flow became completely unrestricted and, I'm pretty sure, was completely passive; no electronics or electrics or anything.

Help me out; this is driving me nuts!

Re: Automatic water shutoff

wfaulk -

Did not see the show. But sounds like they were demo-ing a "Flood - Safe" hose.

The hose has a mechanical 'fuse' at the end where it screws into the pipe. If the hose breaks - the fuse shuts down the water.

They are available at many hardware stores around the country. Including Home Depot & Lowes. Numerous others.

The flood safe hoses (you can search on that term) are designed for specific applications. They have ones for toilets, dishwashers, etc. This is because water requirements (flow required) differ for various devices.

I have one hooked up to our dishwasher. But the ones for the toilet - would shut the water off on us - and I gave up for that application. Good idea when they work. Various toilets have many differing amounts of water they flush and how quick they refill...


Re: Automatic water shutoff

That's what I was thinking of. Watts Floodsafe.


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