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attractive light fixtures?

I have two related questions:

1. Our only bath is very small, so over the vanity we want to do a fixture that's like a short track light with adjustible pendants, but wall-mounted, like these two:



I like both but my husband is being picky, and I'm having a hard time finding different styles. Also, anybody ever use a fixture like this? Would you recommend it?

2. Is there a reasonably attractive bath ceiling light/ventilation fan out there anywhere?


Re: attractive light fixtures?

I could only view the second one, but I like it a lot! I just saw one or two somewhat attractive ceiling fan/light combos at Home Depot the other day! We bought one a few years ago, and I was wishing that I could repalce it with one of these.

Good luck!

Re: attractive light fixtures?

Hello glurf,

As Heidi mentioned in her post, I could only get the 2nd link to open. That is an attractive light set that could work well in a smaller bath area.

The Wife and I have 2 similarly styled lights in our Master bath. One over each vanity. Ours are ceiling mounted and have 4 lights on each bar.
I would recommend this type of light if you can find a style you agree on. We find that they work quite well as we can aim each of the individual lights in a different direction to provide better lighting for specific areas such as over the commode, the shower, the whirlpool, or the vanities.
One caution though; ours use tiny halogen lights and the glass around the bulb sockets gets very hot. Don't touch the glass after the light is on or you'll singe your fingertips!

2. Is there a reasonably attractive bath ceiling light/ventilation fan out there anywhere?

I've seen quite a different varities of Bath fan/light combo's at Lowe's, Menards, and Home Depot. Mostly it depends on how much you want to spend. We bought a nice one for the basement bathroom at Menards for $69.

Hope this helps :)

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