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Attic ventilation issues!!!!!!

I have an 1889 queen Anne (victorian style) house in Wisconsin that has no form of attic ventilation. After reviewing many of the posts I have read that soffit vents and a ridge vent is the way to go but I cannot do this. Here is the problem.... I have no attic access at this time and would rather not re-open the attic. Second, the soffits are pitched with the roof line so there appears to be little no access for air to flow if I put vents in. I was considering putting in gable vents with a solar power fan but am worried that this may not be adequate and I may be wasting my money. Any advice?

Re: Attic ventilation issues!!!!!!

Ridge vent installation doesn't require access from the attic.

Another option is dormer vents.

Re: Attic ventilation issues!!!!!!

Thanks for the reply. Would you think that a ridge vent would be a better way to go over the solar powered vents? I guess I'm trying to figure out what would draw the most air from a gable or dormer type vent. I'm concerned that there may not be enough air exchange with the gable or dormer vent not being as low as a soffit vent.

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