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Attic moisture is chronic

I cannot keep the attic space above our upstairs bedrooms dry.
There are two gable bents on each side of the attic and an attic fan that runs above 50 degrees.

I have recently put down new R13 insulation with paper vapor barrier and place on top of it, another layer of unfaced r25. This replaced the original insulation that was removed when I had a mold abatement project done.

I am worried that the mold will come back if I can't keep the space dry. I have lived in this 28 year old house for 10 years, and this problem only developed last year.

I cannot get far enough to the eaves to check the soffits, but the siding we had installed when we bought the house has soffit vents.

How can I get this problem diagnosed?

Thanks for reading.

Re: Attic moisture is chronic

Frank89 ...

The key would be preventing the warm air from the living space getting into the attic.

Adding insulation is always a good thing for resisting heat loss but it doesn't necessarily prevent warm air infiltration up into the attic space.
You should also consider the leaky points into the attic like the vent stack and any ceiling light fixtures , etc..

Hope this helps.:)

Re: Attic moisture is chronic

Find someone in your area with an infrared thermal imaging camera to show you where your infiltration is.It will take the guess work out of your dilema

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