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attic insulation installed wrong

My house is a modular built in 1971. When we bought it the home inspector said nothing about the attic insulation being installed paper side up! He merely said that if we had problems with ice jams to make sure the vents weren't covered. We live in North central Massachusetts so we get a lot of snow and cold.
The past 2 years we have also had problems with rodents so I thought the attic would be a good place to start.

The first thing I noticed was that the insulation was paper side up and that the entire North side of the roof was mildewed. I was appalled. Being a modular it is not easy to get around up there and I am disabled, but I managed to get far enough to notice a very large piece of foam (bigger than the air flow controls on the vents)half chewed.

Ok, there are rodents, but what do I do with 8" or so of gross insulation?
Am I assuming correctly that it all needs to be removed and replaced? This would help me see where the rodents are getting in at least.
I have found one company that removes sick insulation, seals for rodents and replaces the insulation, but at what cost. Disability and my husband's SS doesn't pay much.
Please help, this obviously not the only problem with this house that "Jack Built," but with a $4000 oil bill looming, it is the most important.
Thanks :confused:

Timothy Miller
Re: attic insulation installed wrong
Timothy Miller

Howdy have you lifted the insulation up to see if the paper is the only moldy part? The paper separates easily from the fiberglass if the mold only on it i would simply pull it off. The venting issue may be the problem are the soffit,eve vents opn and does the roof have any vents? The roof should be vented for every 600 sqft of attic space. Rodents entering how? any vent should have a screen to keep them out.

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