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Attic Insulation

Okay I've had enough of ICE DAMS after this winter in New England!

My question is this: I would like to add insulation to my 55 year old Ranch attic. The existing insulation is Rock Wool with a paper vapor barrior on both sides. Can I just slice the exposed VB and install new non-faced insulation directly over it without having to worry about condensation problems...:confused:

Re: Attic Insulation

Better if you can peel off the top layer .... if not ....slice away.

The other thing to consider look for the source of moisture entering the attic from the living space. Seal all penetrations from things like plumbing stacks , electrical boxes , bath / kitchen vents also ensure these are vented outside and the ducting isn't leaky.

Insulation is only one part .... air sealing is another.

Hope this helps.:)

Re: Attic Insulation

Thanks for the advice.
I know the insulation is only one step. I also need to add soffit vents as well as deal with the items you mentioned. I gues it would be best to remove the top vapor barrior but it's soooo dusty I was just trying to avoid stirring it up by keeping it in place - it's so brittle now that it practically crumbles when touched so I'm sure it's not too effective anyway...

Thanks again

Re: Attic Insulation

hello all,
I wanted to ask if one needs a vapor lining as well? I live on the coast and it gets very humid here, and a fair amount of rain too.

Oh, I guess that has to do with the air sealing you mentioned. How is that done and is it difficult? I often find it claustrophobic to work in the attic, so the fastest way is the best for me.

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