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Attic Insulation

I need to insulate my attic. I have ice cycles forming each winter all along my gutters each year. I am loosing alot of heat and air. I have forced heat and air through the basement. The attic has the original 1960's insullation in it. Wanting to know if it is better to insulate the floor of the attic or the ceiling. I am wanting to get the best climate control factor. Attic is not used for storage, so a floor is not a factor. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Timothy Miller
Re: Attic Insulation

Howdy a can of worms so many apposing arguments. I think it comes down to how much can you afford to spend? If lots of bucks then spray foam with fiberglass or cellulose and a radiant foil barrier too. An spray foam to the floor not the rafters as i still prefer a roof that breaths over any encapsulated closed to air movement attics because roofs can and do leak and moisture in warm air does find infiltration into the attic.

Less $ to spend. My research and soon to be installed in my grand old home attic is cellulose on the attic floor and the air foil barrier stapled to the rafters - it sends the radiated heat energy back out of the roof reducing attic heating in the summer. The cellulose retards air movement( fiberglass does not) it also is green- not $$$$$ green but reasonable and uses hugely less energy to make it.
Be sure before you insulate to make sure the attic can breath soffit and roof top venting. Make sure any bath vents do not vent into the attic but out threw the roof. An if no fan vents in bathroom great time to install one an use when bathing to reduce the moisture getting into the attic.
Or blowing in fiberglass or batt but be sure to seal around the lights in the ceiling below with caulk to retard air movement because fiberglass does not stop air flow. an make sure the attic access is super insulated and air tight.

Re: Attic Insulation

Speaking of foam for attics (Wasn't sure if I should start a new tread but I'll give it a shot here) - Is there a closed cell brand that's better over the rest or all they pretty much the same?
Has anybody tried the closed cell Spary Foam Direct?
I was going to foam the floor of the attic due to several cold spots that are showing via a thermal imaging camera from the floor below.
It's been an on going battle every winter with the house and this is hopefully the last solution

Re: Attic Insulation

Thermal performance of the insulation varies with the mean temperature.Some low-density loose fill materials may be porous and present adequate interstitial spaces that very low
temperatures at the top of the insulation may lead to free convection in the insulation which is detrimental to the intended purpose.(Under certain conditions the effective thermal resistance may be decreased by as much as 50% due to this)Is your existing attic insulation adequate?As the recently constructed buildings are designed with correct material,
thickness of insulation and fixing techniques the problems are mostly confined to older buildings.

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